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Squarently is a two-dimensional platformer "collect-a-thon" game with a sentient square as the protagonist, taking inspiration from classic games like Super Mario 64™, and modern games like Super Mario Odyssey™. The objective of the game is to collect artifacts and shape charms of each definitive area, piecing together the world of shapes.

The game plays like a platformer of the classic era of games, with some notable twists and new abilities to the player's moveset. You need to utilize these new mechanics to get around, collect new artifacts, and progress further into this world.


Current Version: 0.8.3


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  • LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW - Move horizontally.
  • UP ARROW - Jump!
  • DOWN ARROW - Quickly stomp and return to the ground!
  • Z OR ENTER - Dash in whatever direction you're holding in the air! (Also the select key for menus.)



Player 1:

  • Same controls as singleplayer.

Player 2:

  • A & D - Move horizontally.
  • W - Jump!
  • S - Quickly stomp and return to the ground!
  • SPACE BAR - Dash in whatever direction you're holding in the air! (Also the select key for menus.)


  • A singleplayer adventure with the sole purpose of exploration.
  • The ability to play through the entire adventure with a friend via Local Cooperative play.
  • Online multiplayer adventures, minigames, events, and battles. (Not complete.)
  • A level creator with the ability to choose sizes, enemies, and options!
  • Tons of dangerous objects looking to eliminate you!
  • Multiple large and in-depth areas filled to the brim with artifacts.
  • Casual sandbox platformer play, via the hubworld, or online adventure! (Online not complete.)


The game is eventually planned to release on PC and android devices.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy Squarently!



Director, programmer, and sprite creator: Landon H.

Musical producer and sprite creator: Ethan M.


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Install instructions

- Download and run the .exe file. If it says it's dangerous, it could be your antivirus.

- If there are issues drawn about the game, networking, or abilities, try running it in administrator mode, and checking your windows firewall.


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